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Religious Services

The Program Coordinator at YSC oversees religious programming made available to youth during their stay at the facility. One of the tenets of our philosophy of care is that we teach and model respectfulness. Religious programing at YSC respects all faiths and makes every effort to ensure that every youth has equal access to materials designed to help them grow in their personal faith. Upon request, our chaplain will also meet individually with a youth about his or her spiritual needs.


Who is responsible for coordinating religious programming for youth at the Center?

Chad Chapman is the Program Coordinator and can be reached at 402-441-5618.

Do youth have access to a diversity of religious literature while at the Center?

Yes. Every youth at the Center has opportunity to attend weekly voluntary religious programming. A youth may also request specific materials such as a Bible and/or additional resources related to his or her religious faith.

Is there a specific person designated that would speak with a youth about any spiritual needs or questions related to the youth's religious faith?

Yes. There is a chaplain who is on site during the week and after 3pm. His name is Eldon Dietrich. Eldon is a trained chaplain through Campus Life Ministries.

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