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Mental Health Services

Each youth is seen and assessed by a therapist on the mental health team while detained at the LCYSC. Upon intake, every youth is assessed for safety concerns, including suicidal ideation, self-harm, history of mental health, and coping skills. Each youth has an individualized plan for being seen by the therapists based on history, behaviors while detained, observations, and requests by the youth and legal guardian. The therapists also participate in programming with the youth and collaborate closely with other professionals in the facility (medical, education, staff, supervisors, and administration). Therapists assist in managing crisis, provide coping strategies, process court and placement options, and provide the youth with overall support while detained.


What do I do if I'm worried about my child's mental health while they are detained?

If the matter is urgent you should speak with someone at the facility directly. You can reach the Mental Health Coordinator to provide or receive information regarding the child. A member of the mental health team will address the issue and provide updates to the legal guardian as needed.

Will my child receive mental health treatment while detained?

The mental health team sees every youth for a mental health orientation. Based on the assessment, communication with the legal guardian, and the child's needs, we determine the level of support necessary. The number of times a youth is seen per week or month is determined collaboratively. A therapist on the mental health team can be requested by the youth, legal guardian, or suggested by a professional in the facility, at any time. Primarily, the therapists assess coping, help to manage crises, and assesses for safety/risk.

Who provides mental health services at the detention center?

The mental health team consists of PLADC, PLMHP, LMHP, and LIMHP therapists.

What is the direct number for the Mental Health Coordinator at the detention center?

(402)441-5615 OR (402)441-7090 ext. 4

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