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Michelle "Sheli" Schindler,
Facility Director

The Youth Services Center provides temporary levels of detention for youth being processed through the justice system, or who have been adjudicated and ordered by the court to serve a specified period of time. Only youth accused of or found guilty of law violations may be admitted by law enforcement or the court system.

There is one distinct program in the Youth Services Center:

Secure Detention Services: Secure detention for up to sixty residents, male and female, up to the age of nineteen. (Youth under Adult Court jurisdiction may be at the Center until the age of eighteen.)

The staff comprise of knowledgeable professionals who address the individual needs of the youth through providing productive and worthwhile programs, activities, and interventions. Providing individual attention to the youth is made possible through direct supervision, cooperative team efforts, and the utilization of a positive behavior management program.

Youth Services Center services are primarily for residents of Lancaster County, however, the Center also houses juveniles from twenty-six other Nebraska counties and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

For inquiries regarding accessing the services available at the Center, please click here.

Employment opportunities are posted, as needed, with the Lancaster City-County Personnel Department.

Mailing Address:
Lancaster County Youth Services Center
1200 Radcliff Street
Lincoln, NE 68512

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