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Secure Detention Services

Living Environments

There are sixty residential rooms in Secure Detention. Housing is divided into four main areas. Each area has two living units or 'pods.' Secure pods have either nine or eleven individual locked bedrooms equipped with a mattress, desk, stool, toilet, sink and intercom unit. There is a small common area in each pod for quiet activities, use of the phone or shower. Between every two pods is a larger multi-purpose area designed for more active indoor activities such as ping pong or foosball. Classification into these housing units encompasses several factors including gender, size, security risk, and behavior issues. One of the units is especially designed to accommodate special management concerns. It has an additional sub-day area to provide an individual secure leisure area for potentially dangerous youth who are unable to safely interact with the general population. Females are housed in separate living units. Contact with males occurs only during structured programs and activities.

Room in the high risk area inside a housing pod


Communication options with professionals, family and friends include mail, telephone, and visits.

Mail: Youth may mail items twice a week and receive mail five days a week. Postage is provided for all professional correspondence and for two personal letters weekly. Youth are allowed to have a book of stamps to write additional letters.

Phone: Youth may only receive incoming calls from professionals. All personal calls are outgoing. Secure detention utilizes a collect call system. Legal representatives are programmed into the system as free calls. Those who want to receive calls from youth living in this unit may call 888-729-4326 to set up an account.

Visits: Visitation times are determined by the housing unit. All visitors must be approved prior to visitation. Professionals may visit between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM, except between 2 PM and 3PM. Additional visitation information is available in the Visitor Information Pamphlet in our front lobby or in the 'Visitation Schedule and Rules' section.


Youth Services Center staff transport youth held in Secure Detention. These transportations include:

  • Lancaster County court appearances; District, County and the Separate Juvenile Court
  • Medical, dental, and mental health appointments that are deemed medically necessary by medical staff
  • Supervision of hospitalized youth

Contracted youth held at the Center may be charged for these services. For information regarding transportation contact: Records Manager at 402-441-6598.

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