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Noxious Weed Quiz

1. Which picture shows the newest noxious weed in Nebraska?

Sericea Lespedeza


Japanese Knotweed
2. These pictures show musk thistle and plumeless thistle, which one is plumeless thistle?

Option A

Option B
3. This is a picture of Purple Loosestrife. How many pedals are on the Purple Loosestrife Flower?
A.Six B.Eight
4. Which noxious weed contains a milky white latex?


Leafy Spurge
5. Which noxious weed has stolons that run along the top of the ground?
A.Japanese Knotweed B.Phragmites
6. Is this noxious weed found in Lancaster County?
A.Yes B.No
7. Which one of Nebraska thistles is a perennial?

Canada Thistle

Musk Thistle

Plumeless Thistle

How did you score?
Correct: Incorrect:

  •     0 correct answers - Lack of awareness
  • 1-2 correct answers - Some awareness
  • 3-4 correct answers - Very aware
  • 5-6 correct answers - Full fledged Weed Warrior
  • All correct answers - Exceptional Weed Warrior