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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office at?
Our office is at 605 S. 10th Street Room 373 in Lincoln. This is just south of the courthouse/hall of justice. Our offices are on the third floor, room #373 on the northeast side of the building.
Public parking is on the street and in the city/county lot to the north of the city/county building. Our office hours are weekdays, 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Can I go to school on my GI Bill education benefit?
The GI Bill education benefits will vary depending on the specific service dates. We recommend that you contact us directly or contact the VA Education office in St. Louis by calling 1-800-442-4551.
Does the VA offer a Small Business Loan to veterans?
The VA Small Business Loan program no longer exists. The Small Business Administration will assist veterans in obtaining small business loans. You may contact the Small business administration at; 1-800-827-5722.
Is there financial assistance available to veterans?
Yes, there are two sources of financial assistance available to veterans in Nebraska. The County Veterans Aid Fund is managed and controlled by the Veterans Service Office. Qualification requirements and application procedures will vary. There is also the Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund which is controlled by the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs. An application is submitted through the County Veterans Service Officer or the Post Service Officer. We have a checklist available for viewing or to download. See our forms page.
How do I apply for admission to the Veterans Home?
There are four Veterans Homes in Nebraska; Omaha, Grand Island, Norfolk and Scottsbluff. To qualify for admission, a veteran must have an honorable discharge and at least two years of residency within the state of Nebraska. The application process includes submission of current medical information and current financial information. The applicant is required to pay a co-payment which is based upon assets and income. Application forms are available from the County Veterans Service Officer.
I need help with payment of my rent, utilities and food, is there anything your office can do?
The Nebraska Veterans' Aid Fund (NVA) can at times help with certain items for a Lancaster County veteran or their dependents if, due to an unforeseen emergency and loss of income (that is not the result of a veteran's improper actions) there is a financial need. It is a short term assistance source. The assistance must be for food, utilities, shelter, clothing, medical or surgical expenses. Only current basic bills can be considered, past due bills cannot be considered. Certain factors and rules determine just what expenses this fund can help with, but we can discuss specifics when you come in to complete the application. We do not guarantee assistance. Our office completes an application with the applicant, which lists their monthly combined household income from all sources against expenses and lists assets and net worth. If available assets are adequate to meet the family's needs, the NVA fund will allow no help. The application states the unforeseen emergency and the date it began. We then submit the application, proof of legal Nebraska residency*, and honorable discharge documents, to the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs for consideration. Once the State has received the application, it takes about 1-2 weeks for an answer. Please bring the following highlighted items, as your situation warrants, to our office when you come in to complete the application;
(1) The veteran's active duty honorable discharge (DD-214 is REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICANTS), (2) a rental agreement or mortgage payment book if applying for assistance with shelter, (3) utility bills if applying for help with utilities, (4) your marriage certificate, if married and (5) a list of incoming income for the last six months and (6) current outgoing expenses, (7) medical proof of treatment or disability, (8) a statement from employer on reason for reduction of hours/termination/layoff, (9) Dep. of Labor unemployment benefits determination (10) death certificate if the veteran is deceased.
* Nebraska legal residency proof is required.
I cannot find my DD 214, Discharge from Service, where can I go to get it?
If Discharge was recorded at the Lancaster County Clerk's Office, the discharge can be obtained from their office. If the Veteran entered the service and returned to Nebraska we can contact the State of Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs for the Discharge. If none of the above work, an application must be made to the National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Mo. Visit our office and we can order a replacement.
I need help with my medications; does the VA have a Medical Card?
No, however, there is medical treatment available through the VA Medical Center. Veterans must be enrolled in the VA Medical Clinic, Lincoln, NE. Applications are available in our office.
I am interested in purchasing a home under the GI Home Loan, what do I need to do?
If you have your Certificate of Eligibility you need to take this to a bank, mortgage company or Loan Agency to start the process. If you do not have your Certificate of Eligibility you need to contact our office for the application to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility. Copy of the DD 214, Separation Paper must accompany the application.
I want to file a claim for Service Connected Compensation. What do I do?
You will need to file for benefits. You will need to bring in your Original or Certified Copy DD 214, Separation Paper, all available medical information for any treatment received while in Service and after service. For any eligible Dependents you will also need Marriage, Divorces, and/or Birth Certificates and Social Security Numbers.
My father/mother is now a patient in the nursing home. Medicaid says I have to apply for VA Pension, what do I do?
You will need to file an application for VA Pension. You will need to bring in Original or Certified Copy of DD 214, Separation Paper, all monthly income received from all sources, amount of Assets, Marriages, Divorces, Death Certificates, Social Security Numbers of Veteran and Dependents.
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