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Lancaster County Treasurer's Office

What's New!

  1. As part of the Lancaster County / NACo / Visa Inc. project you can now pay your property taxes online with a Visa debit card with a maximum $5.00 fee. Credit Cards and other Debit cards will still incur a 2.35% service fee. (March 2019)
  2. You can now request information on taxes and fees paid on your motor vehicle here. (September 2018)
  3. If you have moved within Lancaster County recently you can now request to have your address changed on your registration here. (September 2018)
  4. You can now utilize a shopping cart (My Cart) and add mulitple Parcels to the cart and checkout. This is a convenient way to pay if you have mulitple parcels as it saves time and you will only incur service fees for the total payment rather than for each parcel. (August 2018)
  5. Created an email reminder system as another form of notification to Real Estate Taxpayers that will remind them when the tax deadlines are coming up. (March 2018)
  6. Added a fourth window at our West O location that is ADA compliant. (February 2018)
  7. Added a new registration and sales tax estimator on the website to minimize phone calls. (September 2017)
  8. Implemented EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) capable terminals at all locations to lower service fees. PIN debit transactions are $2.00 and credit card transactions are 2.35% online e-Check transactions were also lowered to $1.00 per transaction. (September 2017)
  9. Enabled phone calls to be answered at our 500 West O St. to lower the wait time on the phone queue at 46th and R St. (August 2017)
  10. Hired a Technology Support Technician to assist with technical needs as well as seek out technology to improve on efficiencies and security. (July 2017)
  11. Added outdoor security cameras at 500 West O and 46th & R St. Also upgraded cameras inside by adding recording cameras above counters. (June 2017)
  12. Renegotiated with US Bank to lower banking fees by rolling interest earning credits from month to month, lowering the monthly bill to minimal fees. (March 2017)
  13. The Lancaster County Treasurer's Office is now a Registered Agent for the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission. You may purchase Park Permits and Hunting/Fishing Licenses at all three of our locations. (December 2016)
  14. Hired two on-call employees for our Motor Vehicle Division. (December 2016)
  15. We added a 5th Motor Vehicle Coordinator position. (December 2016)
  16. Partnered with GovTech Services Escrow Processing Service to more efficiently process Mortgage and Title Company Tax Payments. (December 2016)
  17. Third Government Training session held at NET building. Topics included EMV Chip Compliance, Fraud Identification Deterrence, Ethics, Unclaimed Property Submission Updates, Federal Contracts and Purchasing, Common Audit Issues and Findings, Legislative Update & Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Employees with Disabilities. (October 2016)
  18. MV refunds are being issued at West O location. (October 2016)
  19. In-state titles are being processed at downtown location. (October 2016)
  20. Candace Meredith started her new role as Chief Deputy Treasurer. (April 2016)
  21. Added improved scanners that can read new license plates. (April 2016)
  22. The Annual Tax Sale was held at a new and convenient location and had a record low number of taxes sold. (March 2016)
  23. The handicap accessible window was updated at our West O location. (January 2016)
  24. Bill Jarrett announced his retirement. (December 2015)
  25. Developed a new look for the annual tax statements. (November 2015)
  26. Two more DMV windows were added at the 46th and R St. location to decrease the wait times.(October 2015)
  27. We created the ability to bundle all your motor vehicle registrations into one single month. (July 2015)
  28. New paint and carpet at both DMV locations to provide a better working environment. (June 2015)
  29. DMV phone line was designated to allow registration renewals to be paid by phone. (May 2015)
  30. Outdoor signs were updated at both DMV locations. (April 2015)
  31. Lloyd Otto, our Systems Programmer, retired from the County Treasurer's Office.(March 2015)
  32. Colby Gauff joined the County Treasurer's Office as the new Systems Programmer.(February 2015)
  33. New and improved cameras and fire alarms were installed at all locations.(January 2015)
  34. The County has worked with the State DMV to transition State computer functionality to fiber. (December 2014)
  35. Both DMV facilities have been wired for fiber technology. (November 2014)
  36. Government Training Conference at the NETV Office. Topics included Ethics in Public Service, EMV and other Merchant Business Updates, Capital Asset Management, Transcending the Flames, Employee Engagement, Citizen Centric Reporting, Payment System Update (October 2014)
  37. An outdoor sitting area was created at no cost to the taxpayers ($5,000). The Girl Scouts, men on diversion, and Home Depot all contributed. (August 2014)
  38. We hosted a Financial Government Professional training Conference for County, State, and University of NE employees at the NETV Office. Topics included accounting, investments, and banking subject matter. 90 people attended. (April 2014)
  39. We authored and implemented an Internal Audit and Control Manual for our office that was shared with all Nebraska County Treasurers. (Mar. 2014)
  40. Our office wrote a new office policy book from scratch and distributed it to all Nebraska County Treasurers. (Mar. 2014)
  41. We installed a secure drop box and implemented a "drop-off and pick-up" option for license plate renewals at the North 46th DMV location. (Feb. 2014)
  42. The office expanded recycling efforts at the DMV locations. In addition to recycling license plates, additional eligible materials are collected. (Dec.2013)
  43. The main DMV located on N. 46th Street is now open at 7 am. We are catching many more people heading to work. (Lobby and Drive-thru). (Nov. 2013).
  44. Upon completion of the County Banking Service RFP, US Bank was awarded the Treasurer's Office banking multi-year contract. This will save in excess of $100,000 over the term of the contract. (Nov. 2013).
  45. Our staff contacted all businesses and farmers with more than ten vehicles and streamlined the process for these tax payers. It is much simpler now for fleets and farmers. (August 2013).
  46. Our staff led the efforts to issue a Banking Services request for proposal. We worked with staff from City/County Purchasing, the County Clerk's Office, the Clerk of the District Court and Information Services to complete this project. We placed the County Treasurer banking services out for bid for the first time in 12 years. (June 14, 2013).
  47. Transaction fees charged to complete property tax payments online via a bank account or credit card payments were reduced. (June 28, 2013).
  48. The Lancaster County DMV implemented a new Digital Records process for title storage. This was completed through a joint effort involving the State DMV, Lincoln-Lancaster County Information Services, and the State IS. A savings of $22,000 was realized over previous bids. (March 2013).
  49. Free mulch was acquired from the Lincoln Forestry Department for the DMV locations. Inmates from the jail were utilized to spread the mulch in those locations. This donation enabled the office to save $2,000 last year.
  50. We remodeled the West O Street DMV facility with used furniture. We estimate the cost savings to the County to be at least $15,685.00 based on an estimate received.
  51. The hiring and utilization of two on-call staff members in lieu of hiring a full time position has enabled the office to save $16,112.00 in salary and benefits. Additionally, on-call staff have allowed for more flexibility in scheduling to accommodate peak times at the DMV locations.
  52. The new property tax roll system developed by our staff and Information Services was completed and implemented. Building this system internally saved the county more than $250,000. (Nov. 29, 2012).
  53. Bill Jarrett was hired as Chief Deputy Treasurer and began work on December 20, 2012.
  54. Deputy Treasurer Terry Adams retired after almost four decades of serving Lancaster County.
  55. Efficiencies have allowed for the reduction of an additional FTE. Current staff is at 39 FTE.
  56. A customer survey is now available at the DMVs. The questionnaires may be found throughout the offices.
  57. A new DMV manager, Mr. Don Arp, formerly with the Lincoln Police Department is now managing the DMVs. The DMV locations collect $80 million in registration and title fees and distribute plates for 250,000 vehicles.
  58. VISA branded cards can now be used for payment at the DMV locations, along with MasterCard, and Discover.
  59. Underground sprinklers were installed at the West O facility.
  60. A new program was implemented using Lincoln residents who are on diversion or probation and need to work off hours. Very general housekeeping duties are being performed by these citizens.
  61. We have implemented a new system using unpaid UNL intern students at our offices.
  62. We saved $50,000 in banking fee's by streamlining our process. (Aug. 30, 2012).
  63. The office Organizational Chart was updated to reflect eliminating Account Clerk 1's, DMV Driver's License Clerks, and DMV Specialists. A current picture of the streamlined flow chart is available under the "About Us" tab on this website.
  64. Interior signage was installed at the DMV locations to help the flow of foot traffic.
  65. Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals completed by mail increased from 1500 per month to 3400 per month.
  66. We completely overhauled the Organizational Flow Chart. Managers and Supervisor positions have been created.
  67. Security at the West O Street facility was improved with Alarms, improved lighting, security cameras and a secure mailbox.
  68. A new NSF Check policy attempting to recover bad check banking fees annually was implemented. This new policy will save $3,000 each year.
  69. In order to streamline and expedite phone calls to the correct division in our office, a telephone voice response system was implemented.
  70. Our website has been upgraded and improved. Our website averages in excess of 269,000 hits per month, including our CTO tax application.
  71. Property tax bill statements and/or receipts can be printed from our website. By making property tax receipts available online, we have saved $20,000 annually on mailing and postage costs. (June 14, 2012)
  72. We added 555 South 10th Street as a location to renew your license plates. (Jan. 25, 2012)
  73. We have brought back to life the original County Treasurer's Seal which dates to the late 1800's.
  74. 50 trees at our West O Street facility were planted as part as a new landscaping project. The trees were grant funded through the Nebraska Forest Service. Trees were planted by inmates from County Corrections. There was no costs to the tax payers. (Oct. 12, 2011)
  75. We have implemented employee name tags.
  76. Office staff are being cross-trained to allow for more flexibility during workflow peak times.
  77. The County Treasurer location at Sun Valley and West O Streets is now ADA compliant.
  78. We have improved our hiring process to include a hiring panel, a criminal background screening, and complete reference checks.
  79. Online registrations increased from 2,000 per month to 3,000 per month. This not only reduces the number of people standing in line but saves money as well.
  80. We have selected two employees and recognized them as "Employee of the Year" for 2010, three for 2011, two for 2012, and two for 2013.
  81. We are conducting more in-depth employee annual evaluations, and have rewritten the process.
  82. A new dress code policy has been implemented allowing staff to wear appropriate business casual attire.
  83. A new sick leave policy was implemented that significantly reduced sick leave use by over 50%.
  84. Services at the Sun Valley and West O location were expanded to include vehicle registration renewals and the processing of titles at no extra cost to the taxpayers. (Jan. 31, 2012)
  85. By recycling used license plates, we have collected $9,518 in scrap aluminum. The money is returned to the general fund. (July 6, 2012)
  86. We have provided all staff with email for better internal communication.
  87. Telephone lines that were not being used were disconnected allowing for a $5,000 annual savings.
  88. A new vehicle registration letter and mail system was implemented. The system saves time and money and protects people's confidential information. It was so well received the State of Nebraska took it over at my objection. (Apr. 4, 2011)
  89. The Treasurer's Office now accepts credit and debit cards to pay for vehicle registrations and driver's licenses. (May 25, 2011)
  90. The County Treasurer's Office is now able to accept credit and debit cards for property taxes on all over the counter transactions. (March 3, 2011)
  91. Drive-through hours were expanded from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the 46th and R Street DMV. (Feb. 4, 2011).
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