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Lancaster County Treasurer's Office

Home Bill Payment

You can now make Property Tax payments (Real Estate and Personal Property) electronically through your bank or a bill payment service of your choice.

What information will I need to set up payments online with my bank or a biller service?

You will need to provide your billing account number as a part of the payment. Your account number is the Parcel Number on the top right corner of your Real Estate or Personal Property Tax Statement. The Parcel Numbers can include both number only or alpha-numeric. Please include all characters and dashes (numbers and/or letters) just as you see it printed on your Tax Statement. Once you have entered this information, please take a moment to make sure you verify it is correct before you submit it with your bank or biller service. Payments with incorrect information will be returned to your bank or bill payment service.

Note: Please do not include the word "Parcel" or "Parcel Number" in the account number field of your home bill payment or bill payment service.

What if I need to get a new copy of my Property Tax Statement(s)?

Property Tax Statements can be viewed and printed from our website.

How can I pay multiple parcels through my bank's home bill payment service (or your bill payment service)?

Each parcel must be made as a separate payment through your bank's home bill payment service (or your bill payment service). Individual parcel payments are the only way Lancaster County will be able to collect the Parcel number for proper posting of your payment.

What is Lancaster County's payment processing address?

Lancaster County Treasurer
555 South 10th St
Lincoln, NE 68508

What if I need assistance while I am trying to make a payment?

If you have questions regarding your bank's home bill payment service (or a bill payment service) you are using, please contact them directly.

If you have questions regarding the information Lancaster County is requesting, please contact our office by email at

or by phone at 402-441-7425.

How can I verify my payment was received by Lancaster County?

Taxpayers can view payment history at our website. You will enter your address, click on address search, select the property/parcel, and click on payment history. You may also print a receipt from the Payment History screen by clicking on the applicable Receipt Number.

What if Lancaster County doesn't post my payment?

Please contact the bank or biller service you sent the home bill payment through. Lancaster County has no way of tracking home bill payments made through an online bank or bill payment service.

Will I still receive paper Property Tax Statement in the future?