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Lancaster County Treasurer's Office

Employee of the Year: Lloyd Otto

"Lloyd my computer program is down, Lloyd my printer isn't working, Lloyd your candy bowl is empty". Yes, Mr. Fix-It, Lloyd Otto is the employee that all staff of the Treasurer's Office depends on when something is wrong or broken. Lloyd has been a system programmer with the Treasurer's Office since 2008 and has been employee of the County since 1987. I am honored to nominate Lloyd Otto as Employee of the Year.

Lloyd is a front runner in the development of the new state of the art Lancaster County Treasurer's Office tax collection system. The Tax system is a massive system that tracks over 250,000 parcels for Real Estate, Personal Property, Central Assessed, Special Assessments, Distress Warrants, and Tax Sales. The internet based system has already proven to increase office efficiency, expanded our banking options and increased our auditing and accounting options. Lloyd is continuing to work with mortgage companies and other large entities to develop simple solutions to electronically download tax payments to continue to save hours of data entry. Lloyd worked side by side with Information Services to build the internet based program in a mere four months. Due to Lloyd's tireless efforts to help develop our new system, the Lancaster County Treasurer's Office went live on December 3, 2012. With the help of Information Services the Treasurer's Office was able to return $250,000 back to the County.

While the new system was being developed Lloyd worked hard to ensure that all staff who worked in the system fully understood it. Throughout the entire development stage, Lloyd would have staff consistently test the variety of functions that the Tax System offered to prevent major failure upon going live. We all appreciate the knowledge and expertise that helped implement this wonderful program. The Treasurer's Office is excited to move forward with this new system.

Lloyd is a true example of a dedicated government employee with unquestionable integrity and ethics and without absolute doubt has earned the Employee of the Year. Thank you Lloyd!

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