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Lancaster County Treasurer's Office

Employee of the Year: Philip Brahm

As the time approaches for you to select a Lancaster County Treasurer's Office Employee of the Year, it is my honor to nominate Lancaster County Motor Vehicle Clerk Philip Brahm. I believe you will find no other employee who embodies in their daily work, customer service and personality our office slogan of Trust, Service, and Dedication than Phil.

Phil has quickly become one of those persons I can tum to with complicated issues, extra work, or schedule changes that need to be made in the best interest of the division. He always responds with ''Whatever I can do", when asked to help. I have come to Trust his work and ability to accomplish a task in a timely manner, accurately and with little or no supervision. I can depend on Phil being here and doing all he can to help accomplish any task we have.

As you know Phil is facing personal health issues that I am sure cause him daily frustration and concern; yet he comes here every day and works with a genuine skill and ability; seemingly placing all those concerns aside. When a customer steps to Phil's window for Service they are treated with respect, professionalism and as if they are the only issue that matters. For Phil, they are. He takes great pride in his work and service to the public, and it shows in his work product and comments by customers.

After recently breaking his leg, adding to his health issues, Phil worked with his doctor to return to work as soon as possible. Even with limited mobility Phil is still scooting around the building doing any job or task we ask of him, and asking for more. When most would be frustrated or slow down, he has used this incident as an opportunity to learn new areas of motor vehicles that he had not experienced before. This Dedication expands his knowledge base to make him a better motor vehicle clerk; helps us accomplish our operational goals by having another person experienced in multiple areas of motor vehicles operation; and sets an excellent example to other clerks.

I can think of no other person who better exemplifies our vision of the new Lancaster County Treasurer's Office Motor Vehicles Division than Phil Brahm. Phil is an exceptional employee and individual who likes to work here and places our needs above his. For these reasons, and many more, I wish to nominate for your consideration Motor Vehicle Clerk Philip Brahm as the Lancaster County Treasurer's Office Employee of the Year.

Donald Arp, Motor Vehicle Division Manager