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Lancaster County Treasurer's Office

Important Tax Collection Dates

Due Dates Duty Statute
January 1,
12:01 A.M.
Assessment date for all taxable property. 77-1301
February 1 First date to apply for Homestead Exemption. 77-3512
February 1 Advertise all delinquent real estate taxes in a Legal newspaper of the county for three consecutive Weeks commencing the first week of February. 77-1804
March 1 Taxes offered for public sale from advertising list on the first Monday in March. 77-1801
April 1 1st Half Prior Year Real Estate and Personal Property delinquent. 77-204
May 1 Last date to file Personal Property Schedule without penalty. 77-1229
June 1 Last date for Assessor to notify property owners of increase or decrease in property valuation. 77-1315
June 1-30 Dates that property owner may file a valuation protest with the Lancaster Board of Equalization. 77-1502
June 30 Last date to file for Homestead Exemption. 77-3512
June 30 Last date to file a request for Special Assessment for Qualifying Agricultural Land (Greenbelt). 77-1345
July 1 Last date to file or amend personal property schedule with a 10% penalty; after this date, all personal property added is subject to a 25% penalty. 77-1233.04
August 1 2nd Half of Prior Year Real Estate and Property Tax becomes delinquent. 77-204
October 15 Last date for the Lancaster County Board of Equalization to set current tax year rates (Levy Date). 76-1601
November 1 Distress Warrants presented to Sheriff. 77-1718
December 1 It is suggested that tax statements for both real and personal property be mailed during December. 77-1701
December 31 All property taxes levied (real and personal) become due and payable. 77-203

NOTICE: All dates listed reflect the last possible day to act.