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Public Building Commission
Current Artist

County-City First Floor Exhibition Gallery
555 South 10th Street, Lincoln, NE
Gallery Hours - 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

Artist Statement
by Bob Rogers

When I begin a painting, I have no preconceived idea what it will become. Each one goes through numerous stages of development over a long period of time. The imagery is the result of many things; personal symbolism, world events, social issues, pop culture, art history, literature, films, something I’ve seen or experienced or would like to, or sometimes just playing with paint. I’m on the lookout to find unexpected associations that may seem random or strange, enigmatic or exaggerated - but within the framework of the painting have an internal visual logic. The result isn’t meant to make a point or tell a specific story, but to create compositions that can suggest all sorts of possibilities as if they were snapshots from a mysterious dream world. When I’m done working on a painting, my hope is that it will first entertain the viewer with something a little bit out of the ordinary and maybe even spark their own imaginations.

le larcin

On The Edge

Artist Statement
by Ron Brooks

I have always been artistic, creating wood carvings, building models, drawing and painting as well. As a professional artist, I have discovered that my true passion is sculpture. Creating sculptures allows me the freedom to either be very detailed, or quite abstract, depending on the emotions of the piece being created. My artistic goals are to create sculptures that connect emotionally with the audience. As an artist, each sculpture holds special significance to me. I also create commission pieces, and enjoy the process of bringing to life visions that each customer shares with me, and adding my artistic talents to create such unique sculptures.

I have lived throughout the United States, as well as serving in the Air Force and traveling around the world. After my retirement from the Air Force, I “rediscovered” my artistic side. I enjoy creating three-dimensional art that includes my patriotic beliefs, but also enjoy all types of subjects, including people and animals. My sculptures represent an accumulation of concepts formed through my career in the military, my views of the world and my travels.

My sculptures have received numerous awards in competitions, and pieces are currently held in private collections throughout the Midwest. I am a current Exhibition Member with Columbus Area Artists, and an Associate Artist with the Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, NE.

Above It All

All You Need

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