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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please call us at: 441-8276

  1. How long do persons normally stay at the Crisis Center?
    • The average stay is about 4 days. They can be held for up to a week while a Mental Health Board hearing is scheduled.
  2. Can I visit someone who is at the facility?
    • Yes, visiting hours are by appointment from 9:00am-9:00pm. Clients are allowed 2 visitors at a time, 2 visits a day for 1/2 hour each. You may bring food or pop in a sealed container to be consumed during the visit. Visits are monitored by staff.
  3. Where is the Crisis Center located?
    • It is located at 825 J St. The building entrance is off J street by the Mental Health Crisis Center sign. Parking is available on the street.
  4. Is smoking allowed?
    • Smoking is not allowed. A nicotine patch may be provided for clients.
  5. Who pays for a stay at the Crisis Center?
    • We receive funding from federal, state, and county sources. Clients will be billed for their stay.

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