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Agency Spotlight

Each month we will feature a local non-profit agency that receives City/County Funding.


CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for Lancaster County recruits, trains and supports community volunteers who advocate on behalf of abused, neglected, truant or ungovernable children in Lancaster County Juvenile Court. CASA volunteers get to know the children and the circumstances that brought them and their family into the child welfare/juvenile court system. CASA volunteer do their own investigation and then write reports that go directly to the judge about what they are seeing and what they recommend should be done in the child’s best interests. CASA volunteers provide the judges with more information on which to base their decisions and provide children with a stable adult who can speak for them in court. CASA volunteers recommend services and programs that can benefit the child as well as those that will assist in addressing the issues that brought the family into the system. CASA volunteers make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. For more information on becoming a CASA volunteer or supporting CASA, please visit

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