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Juvenile Diversion Services

An alternative to traditional justice proceedings for youth ages 11 to 17 who have committed certain types of legal violations.

Our goal is to prevent crime by teaching youth the skills they need to become more productive citizens. Services provided are based on the principle of restorative justice. Educating youth on the harm his/her actions have caused others and ultimately themselves; and to restore the youth's right place in the community.

Juveniles interested in Lancaster County Juvenile Diversion Services do not have to make a plea of guilt, but must accept responsibility for the offense; acknowledge the extent of their involvement; not have been on probation or parole; and be willing to comply with Diversion requirements.


  1. 85% of youth will be successfully discharged.
  2. 85% will be diverted from entering the juvenile justice system.
  3. 90% of youth will be referred to community provider to participate in positive pro social activity.
  4. On average it will take 14 days from referral to intake.

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Juvenile Diversion Staff

Juvenile Diversion Brochure

Juvenile Diversion Eligibility Guidelines

Intensive Juvenile Diversion Eligibility Guidelines

Juvenile Diversion Data

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