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Hallam United Methodist Church

The Hallam United Methodist Church was built in 1918, and was dedicated as the First Methodist Episcopal Church. The name was changed to the Hallam United Methodist Church in 1980.

The church was a merger of Zion and Immanuel Churches. The Zion German Church was located 1 1/2 miles east and 2 miles north of Hallam, the Immanuel German Church was located 1 1/4 miles and 2 miles south of Hallam. Cemeteries still remain at these sites, but the buildings are no longer there.

During the construction of the new church, the pews from the Immanuel Church were dismantled and used in the subfloor of the sanctuary. The pews from the Zion Church are still being used in the league room. The bell from the Zion Church was removed by horse and wagon and is still in use.

During 1979 to 1984, Hallam Methodist Church was yoked with Hallam United Church of Christ, sharing the same minister, but maintaining separate worship services.

Before the Tornado

Hallam United Methodist Church

Hallam United Methodist Church

Congregational United Church of Christ

After rebuilding from the Tornado

Hallam United Methodist Church

Congregational United Church of Christ

Congregational United Church of Christ

The history of the Congregational United Church of Christ is made possible by the dedication of the church pastors and the church officials of both the German Congregational Church of Olive Branch and the Hallam German Evangelical churches.

In 1875, the Olive Branch church was established. In the early days, some pastors served more than one church, being called "Circuit Riders" and help establish various churches. In 1879, a building was built for the congregation as services had been held in a school house.

In 1893, the German Evangelical church was organized, and the first services were held in a school house every other Sunday. Both churches wrote minutes in German script. In 1893, a new structure was built on the site where the present day church still stands. In the late 1920's the Olive Branch Church voted to disband and join the Hallam Church, due to difficulties operating independently. The Hallam church welcomed the new members and voted to change the name to the United Congregational Church of Hallam. In 1928, a special meeting was held to discuss erecting a new church building. It was voted to build on the same site where the old buildings was torn down and materials used for the new structure. Much of the work was done by many of the members.

In 1930, the congregation voted to have services held in German every other Sunday, and the other weeks in English. By 1936, all morning services were in English, and in 1937, German services were held nine times a year. The church changed its name again in 1965 to the Congregational Church of Christ.

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