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Digital Raster Graphics

FREE MAPS are available for downloading from the Conservation and Survey Division (CSD) of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These scanned USGS topographic maps are known as Digital Raster Graphics or DRGs.

DRGs ARE AVAILABLE for downloading from the CSD site. Maps are scanned at a minimum resolution of 250 dots per inch. DRGs are available in several scale formats. For each DRG, you will need these three files: (tif - tiff image file, tfw - world file and fgd - metadata file)

LANCASTER COUNTY, NEBRASKA is covered by all or parts of 25 DRGs created at the 1:24,000-scale topographic series. A map link is provided in this site to allow the user to find the DRG name for the area of coverage desired. With the map name, the user can proceed to the CSD site and download the appropriate DRG.

STATE OF NEBRASKA UTM information can be found by clicking here.

CLICK ON THE SAMPLE below to view the map of Lancaster County. Note the name of the DRG and proceed to the CSD site to download the map image.

Click the sample below to find the DRG name for downloading....
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