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Instructions on Paying Court-Ordered Child Support

The amount of child support to be paid on a regular monthly basis is found in the court order. For your benefit, please keep a copy of your court order, as well as the complaint, and any other legal papers you may receive. You may read and review the documents in your file at any time by contacting the Clerk of the District Court office with sufficient notice. Most court orders for child support require you to provide to the Clerk of the District Court: (1) your address, (2) social security number, (3) telephone number, and (4) the name of your employer. Notify the Clerk as soon as possible of any changes.

Where do I pay my child support payments?

Do not pay your child support directly to the recipient. The State's accounting method will NOT give you credit for payments made directly to the custodial parent (absent additional voluntary steps being taken by the recipient). For more information on where and how to make your child support payments, visit the website of the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center.

When is my child support payment due?

Payments are due on the first day of each month. The payment is overdue and delinquent on the second day of each month. Interest will be charged daily on any delinquent amount after thirty days.

How can I arrange for an income withholding?

You may arrange income withholding (like a payroll deduction) to ensure that your child support is automatically paid by your employer. With income withholding, your child support is paid when due and on a regular basis. If you desire income withholding, please contact the Lancaster County Attorney's office, Child Support Division, (402-441-8208) to obtain the necessary forms.

What if I move or leave the State of Nebraska?

If you move from the State of Nebraska, continue to make your child support payments. If your address changes or you move from the State of Nebraska, notify the Clerk of the District Court (402-441-7328) of your new address immediately. Always keep the court advised of your whereabouts.

What if I fail to pay my court-ordered child support?

The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center will notify the County Attorney's Office of any delinquent child support cases. The County Attorney may garnish your wages, obtain an administrative Wage Withholding Order, seize your assets, intercept your tax refund, or they may prosecute you for contempt of court for failing to obey the court's order. In addition, administrative procedures may begin to suspend your driver's, professional, or occupational licenses.

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