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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • OCTOBER 2015 WINNER - Stefani Grell
    County Sheriff's Office;
    Category - Productivity and Loss Prevention
  • NOVEMBER 2015 WINNER - Steve Olsen
    County Engineering Office;
    Category - Safety

At the December 15, 2015 Board of Commissioners meeting two Lancaster County employees were recognized as Commissioners Award of Excellence recipients for October and November.

Stefani Grell received the Commissioners Award of Excellence for October, 2015. She is a Records System Specialist in the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office. Stefani began her career with Lancaster County on June 3, 2009 with Lancaster County Corrections and transferred to the Sheriff's Office in June of 2012. She was nominated by Captain Joe Lefler of the Sheriff's Office in the categories of Productivity and Loss Prevention.

Captain Lefler stated "In 2015, Stefani was assigned to the Distress Warrant position which was vacant due to the retirement of a long-time employee. She was to work 60% of her time doing the job she formerly did and the rest of her time would be spent collecting delinquent taxes and serving as the back-up to the Financial Coordinator".

Numbers from the Lancaster County Treasurer's Office show a nearly 70% increase in the amount of Distress Warrants collected by the Sheriff's Office in the six month period that Stefani has been in this new position. Captain Lefler further stated "Stefani is innovative and motivated. She has found other methods of collection, has collected Distress Warrant Taxes that had been written off and deemed uncollectable, used all avenues of research to locate delinquent property owners and worked cohesively with the Treasurer's Office on collection procedures".

Stefani Grell
Stefani Grell
Steve Olsen
Steve Olsen

Steve Olsen received the Commissioner's Award of Excellence for November, 2015. Steve works as an Equipment Operator II for the County Engineer's Office. He began working for Lancaster County on August 1, 1996, and was nominated for this award by Pam Dingman, County Engineer, in the category of Safety.

In her nomination, Ms. Dingman stated, "The County Engineering Department recently received a letter from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department commending Steve on his report of an illegal dumping in the County. Upon discovery of the illegally dumped material, Steve reported it to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality who subsequently reported it to the Health Department. The illegal dumping contained 30 to 40 pounds of a carbamate pesticide that was banned over a decade ago. This material is regulated as acutely toxic by the EPA."

Roma Amundson, Chair, Board of Commissioners, stated, "Stefani, you have saved the County a great deal of money in the last six months by your innovative work in collecting delinquent taxes. And Steve, your report of the illegal dumping, protecting the health of the public as well as the environment, is impressive. You both are examples of the great Lancaster County employees who, rather than just doing a job, go above and beyond in the best interests of the Lancaster County taxpayers. Oh behalf of the Board, I am pleased to recognize both of you with this award".

The Commissioners Award of Excellence award recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to Lancaster County.