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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • APRIL 2015 WINNER - Larry Lienemann
    County Engineering;
    Category - Productivity

Larry Lienemann, Equipment Mechanic II for the Lancaster County Engineering Department, was presented with the Commissioners Award of Excellence Award for April, 2015 at the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners meeting May 5, 2015. Larry began working for Lancaster County on Feb. 14, 1983. He was nominated for this award by Pam Dingman, Lancaster County Engineer, in the category of Productivity.

In her nomination, Pam said "Larry is a creative genius when it comes to Lancaster County's equipment. The aging fleet requires creativity and resourcefulness, and Larry takes on this challenge with innovation in fabrication and welding. He is the creator of the very popular magnet drags which are used to pull nails and other sharp metal objects from the County's gravel roads, saving countless tires on both County and private vehicles. Larry recently repaired a bridge by field welding a new plate to the girders." Pam lauded Larry's efforts to keep the County's drivers on the road by his work during the first weekend storm of the season when he reported to the shop to repair trucks on the second day of snow removal.

Roma Amundson, Lancaster County Board of Commissioners Chair, stated "On behalf of the Board I am pleased to present you with this well deserved award. Your ingenuity and skills serve Lancaster County and the County Engineering Department very well. Your fabrication and welding skills help keep the equipment safe and in running order. The magnet drags you created no doubt are the result of your observations and conversations over the years about what might be helpful, and they have removed many pounds of sharp metal objects from Lancaster County roads. Your contributions to the County make you worthy of this recognition. Thank you for your excellent work."

The Commissioners Award of Excellence award recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to Lancaster County.