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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • DECEMBER 2014 WINNERS - Mike Mueller
    County Corrections;
    Category - Productivity

Mike Mueller, Corrections Sergeant for Lancaster County Corrections Department, was presented with the Commissioners Award of Excellence Award for December, 2014 at the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners meeting January 13, 2015. He was nominated for this award by Lt. Ken Prey, Lancaster County Corrections Department, in the category of Productivity.

Mike was hired on August 2, 2007. He supervises six staff who have the responsibility of keeping the new Adult Detention Facility clean and sanitary. Mike is also in charge of ordering supplies and ensuring inmates have clean laundry. In addition to his regular work he has also accomplished several major projects since the new facility opened. Among them:

  • finished and sealed all tiled floors in the facility
  • updated the inmate laundry exchange procedures to ensure efficiency
  • developed and implemented the housekeeping plan for the new facility, developed notebooks and trained staff on the schedule and techniques
  • developed and implemented the specifications for cleaning service, detailing the responsibilities of building cleaners and cleaning equipment operators
  • developed an inventory method to track cleaning supplies, inmate clothing, bedding, linens, and other items to allow for projecting supply needs
  • organized the new warehouse
  • assisted in the development process of inventory for kitchen utensils and knives for kitchen operations and the Inmate Food Preparation classes.

Ken Prey, in his nomination, stated "Sgt. Mueller has played an integral part in the development and implementation of the cleaning and sanitization procedures for the new facility. He takes the initiative in identifying problems and recommends realistic, well thought-out solutions".

Roma Amundson, Lancaster County Board of Commissioners Chair, stated "On behalf of the Board I am pleased to present you with this well deserved award. Your willingness to go above and beyond is evident in the things you have accomplished to help the new facility operate smoothly and efficiently. Thank you for your excellent work."

The Commissioners Award of Excellence award recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to Lancaster County.