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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • MAY 2012 WINNER - Sondra Kirchhoff, Account Clerk II
    Clerk of the District Court;
    Category - Productivity

At their meeting today, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners presented its May, 2012 Commissioners Award of Excellence to Sondra Kirchhoff, an Account Clerk II in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. Sondra was nominated for this award by Sue Kirkland, Clerk of the District Court.

Sondra approached Sue Kirkland a few years ago about creating an occasional word game and contests for the office and Sue gave permission to go ahead. Sondra's aim was to allow those who work in the office to participate together in something totally stress free and to bolster camaraderie among office staff who daily deal with customers, some of whom have difficult, complex issues.

Sondra's idea caught on and became something in which nearly all of her coworkers participate. They report they look forward to these games, which provide a brief pleasant interlude in a sometimes stressful work day.

In addition, in the words of Sue Kirkland, "Sondra is a marvelous volunteer for this office and often is in the lead on Food Bank efforts and other sanctioned fundraisers for the County. Her volunteer duties are separate and apart from her job. She spends her own money on prizes and supplies purchased on her personal time. She is unselfish and a very positive representative of the best of Lancaster County Employees".

Deb Schorr, Lancaster County Board of Commissioners Chair, stated "The Board is pleased to recognize Sondra Kirchhoff for her outstanding leadership role in the Clerk of the District Court's Office. Her ideas and enthusiasm have led to a less stressful workplace and raised the level of community in the office. Sondra is an asset to the office. On behalf of the Board I want to congratulate Sondra on this award".

The Commissioners Award of Excellence award recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to Lancaster County.