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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: March 14, 2019

For more information contact
David J. Shively
(402) 441-7311

Election Commissioner Removes Candidate from Primary Ballot

Ms. Ray failed to file with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission (NADC), a Statement of Financial Interests commonly referred to as NADC Form C-1 by Tuesday, March 12th.

Nebraska Revised Statute 49-1494 requires candidates for Lincoln City Council to file the C-1 Form by the filing deadline which was Thursday, March 7. The law also provides a five day grace period following the filing deadline to file the C-1 Form with the NADC. The five day grace period ended on Tuesday, March 12th. Ms. Ray personally filed the C-1 Form with the NADC on Wednesday, March 13th.

Ms. Ray filed for City Council with the Election Commissioner's office on March 4th and was informed at the time the C-1 Form needed to be filed with the NADC to fully complete the filing process.

Shively indicated that he consulted with the Lancaster County Attorney's office, the NADC, and with the Nebraska Secretary of State's Elections Division before determining that Ms. Ray could no longer remain on the ballot. Here is a copy of the letter that Shively has emailed and mailed to Ms. Ray.

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