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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: November 7, 2017

For more information contact
Dave J. Shively
(402) 441-7311

Election Commission Recognizes
Long-Serving Lancaster County Poll Workers

LINCOLN - Earlier today, during a ceremony at Christ United Methodist Church, the Lancaster County Election Commission recognized seventy-two individuals who have served as an Election Board Worker for twenty-five years or more.

Lancaster County Election Commissioner David Shively stated that "service as an Election Board Worker is voluntary but the patriotic commitment and civic pride is invaluable in order for democracy to work here in Lancaster County."

Shively indicated each election requires over 1,100 Election Board Workers who staff 197 voting precincts. While many of Lancaster County Election Board Workers are retired, others work full-time and take a day away from their normal jobs in order to serve. Although Election Workers receive a small stipend for the 13 to 14 hours that they work on Election Day, most serve as a matter of civic responsibility.

During the Lancaster County Board meeting on Tuesday, November 7th, the Board of Commissioners passed a resolution recognizing Tuesday as Lancaster County Election Worker Recognition Day.

Those recognized, number of years of service, and their home communities are as follows:

25 - 29 years

Hallam: Jo Ann Renner

Lincoln: Russell Bayer, Pauline Brandt, Janice Breslow, Joan Clare, Robert Corner, Mary Louise Dempsey, Alice Doane, Judith Ellingson, Lydia Florian, Phyllis Guzman, Richard Halvorsen, Julia Harper, Geralyn Hepp, Robert Hillyer, Rodney Hinrichs, Margaret Hitz, Florine Joseph, Genelle Jungbluth, James La Follette, William Lock, Agnes Masek, Jeannette Miller, Suzette Moeller, Dan Morgan, Barbara Nieveen, Phyllis Rabe, Marilyn Rohrer, Dalyce Ronnau, Deborah Russ Farwell, Kathleen Scheerer, Carolyn Schuerman, June Splichal, Linda Stark, Darlene Stutheit, Wayne Svoboda, Arlene Vandertook, Marjorie Vontz, Gloria Warner, Sondra Weber, Ruth Wendelin, Judith Yeck

Raymond: Deborah Jeffers

Roca: Carol Butte, Delores Egger

Waverly: Jean Danley, Carolyn Gable

30 - 34 years

Lincoln: Sharon Buckner, Mary Christiansen, Marylouise Dean, Norma Fleege, Loraine Harnett, Elaine Hawco, Malinda Hinrichs, Phyllis Malone, Sandra Reiber, Deanna Rimel, Denise Spale

Waverly: Barbara Hodgin

35 or more years

Lincoln: Irene Chermok, Jean Frazer, Kathryn Friesen, Roger Grant, Janis Hayward, Lucia Hertzler, Sharon Neemann, Carol Reents, Dorothy Terhune, Marilyn Thomas, Emily Venburg, Sandra Watton, Marilyn Zegers

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