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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: August 4, 2014

For more information contact
Dave J. Shively
(402) 441-7311

Jury Commissioner Warns County Residents
of Jury Duty Scam Phone Calls

Lincoln -- Lancaster County Jury Commissioner David Shively is warning the public about scam phone calls claiming that the recipient of the phone call has failed to report for jury duty or failed to respond to a jury summons.

The callers then inform the recipients that there is a warrant out for their arrest and that by providing their bank account number or credit card number they can pay a fine and avoid arrest.

The calls are a scam. Recipients of the phone calls should hang up immediately and should not provide any personal or financial information to the caller including bank or credit card numbers.

The Jury Commissioner only calls citizens who have received a jury summons with a date and time for them to report for jury duty. No one from the Jury Commissioner's Office would call regarding a warrant or ask for personal financial information.

If anyone has questions or concerns regarding this matter they may contact the Jury Commissioner's office at (402) 441-6553.

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