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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: April 18, 2014

For more information contact
Kim Etherton
(402) 441-3600

Lancaster County Announces Online Stop Registration

Lincoln, NE - Lancaster County's Department of Community Corrections announced today that it will offer online STOP Registration beginning April 21, 2014 for minor traffic citations issued in Lancaster County. Agency officials believe the online registration option will significantly reduce walk in registrations by providing a convenient alternative.

The Safety Training Option Program (STOP) is a defensive driving course available in Lancaster County for dismissal of minor traffic offenses. STOP is a four hour educational class offered through the Department of Community Corrections and the Nebraska Safety Council designed to improve driving habits. By completing the four hour course, participants avoid traffic fines and no points are assessed against their license. Additionally, court costs can be avoided by registering within 10 days, either online or in person. STOP class may be taken once every three years.

Online STOP registration is available for eligible offenses within the first 10 days following a violation. Registration after 10 days will require doing so in person in addition to paying the court costs associated with the ticket. If a driver is cited for no proof of insurance, no license on person, or no proof of registration, STOP registration must be completed in person to show proof of those documents.

To access online STOP registration go to keyword STOP. To complete the online registration process the user will enter basic contact information and the citation number, which can be found on the traffic ticket. For more information, or if you have questions about registering online you may contact Lancaster Community Corrections at 402-441-3600.

For general STOP registration and class information you may contact Community Corrections at 402-441-3600 or the Nebraska Safety Council at 402-483-2511.

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