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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: July 22, 2013

For more information contact
Andy Stebbing, County Treasurer

New Payment Option for Property Taxes Should Save
County Treasurer $5000 Annually

A new payment option is being offered for Real Estate and Personal Property tax payers, Lancaster County Treasurer Andy Stebbing announced today. "Our office recently started a program to receive home bill payments electronically. The County Treasurer's Office receives approximately 5,000 home bill payment checks each year for real estate and personal property payments. Now we can receive these payments electronically, it offers constituents another secure and convenient payment option."

Consumers initiate home bill payments online through their bank or a bill payment service. Many consumers currently use home bill payment services to pay their utility bills, credit cards, mortgages and other payments. The automation of home bill payment processes reduces the time to receive and process payments.

Taxpayers will need to enter a Real Estate or Personal Property Parcel Number in the account number field of their bank's home bill payment system to ensure payments post properly in the County's tax system. Stebbing encourages taxpayers to go to the County Treasurer website, to view information on home bill payments. Lancaster County taxpayers can access their property tax bill, view information regarding all payment options, and pay their property taxes online at the County Treasurer's website. Once a payment is received and processed, a property tax receipt can be printed from the website.

"We will continue to explore every avenue available to make interactions with my office easier, quicker and increase the efficiency as well." Stebbing said. Stebbing estimates with the new process will save a minimum of 250 hours of labor annually.

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