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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: May 21, 2013

For more information contact
Gwen Thorpe, Phone (402) 441-7447

County Employees Honored For Years Of Service

The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners honored Lancaster County 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 50 year employees this morning at a breakfast. Lancaster County Board Chairman Larry Hudkins thanked them for their years of service, stating "Lancaster County has so many loyal and dedicated employees who consistently do a good job and provide great customer service. The Board appreciates this opportunity to recognize those who have reached certain longevity milestones."

Keith Hardesty of the Lancaster County Engineer's Department was recognized as a 50 year employee.

10 Year Employees

  • Betty Akin, County Attorney
  • Barry Barnett, County Sheriff
  • Amy Brandl, County Attorney
  • Chris Downing, Corrections
  • Scott Gaines, Assessor/Register of Deeds
  • Rebecca Gaston-Wise, County Attorney
  • George Harris, County/City Property Management
  • Maria Hatfield , Corrections
  • Rebecca Hight-Moravec, Election Commission
  • Brenda Jones, Clerk of the District Court
  • Chad Kendall, County Engineer
  • Julie Kramer, Community Mental Health Center
  • Holly Le, Youth Services Center
  • Barbi Loschen, County Engineer
  • Jeremy Lybarger, Corrections
  • Janice Maginn, Community Mental Health Center
  • Lori Maret, County Attorney
  • Rob Ogden, Assessor/Register of Deeds
  • Cari Oziah, County Clerk
  • Perian Pattillo, Community Mental Health Center
  • Todd Styskal, Corrections
  • Matthew Vincentini, Corrections
  • Kassie Wiggam, Community Mental Health Center
  • Lauralee Woodruff, Community Mental Health Center
  • Lisa Yardley, County Sheriff

15 Year Employees

  • Thomas Baumann, Election Commission
  • Tammy Gabel, Clerk of the District Court
  • Susan Gillen, District Court
  • Daniel Goodman, Corrections
  • Lauri Gregory, Community Mental Health Center
  • Eric Hanson, County Engineer
  • Larry Heusinkvelt, County Engineer
  • Derek Horalek, County Sheriff
  • Dennis Kattau, County Engineer
  • Sheri Lampe, District Court
  • David Meredith, Corrections
  • Casey Mitchell, Corrections
  • Marilyn Olsen, Election Commissioner
  • Angelia Onuoha, Public Defender
  • Lory Pasold, County Attorney
  • Jerold Penry, County Engineer
  • Bruce Prenda, County Attorney
  • Christine Rynalds, District Court
  • Nancy Richards, Records & Information Management
  • Kendall Rinehart, Corrections
  • Michelle Sabata, County Attorney
  • Karen Wedding, County Extension Service
  • Susan Weseman, County Treasurer
  • Jason Workman, Youth Services Center

20 Year Employees

  • Gary Barger, County Engineer
  • Chris Benson, Assessor/Register of Deeds
  • Stewart Danburg, County Sheriff
  • Debra Fowler, Corrections
  • Jeffrey Johnson, Assessor/Register of Deeds
  • Lori Kinnison, Youth Services Center
  • Fred Lauenroth, County Engineer
  • William Miller, County Engineer
  • Angela Owens, Juvenile Court

25 Year Employees

  • Roger Forsgren, County Engineer
  • Debra Haeffner, Community Mental Health Center
  • Wayne Hergott, County Engineer
  • Roger Heusinkvelt, County Engineer
  • Larry Hudkins, County Board of Commissioners
  • Angela Koziol, Corrections
  • Joe Lefler, County Sheriff
  • Lloyd Otto, County Treasurer
  • Julia Peter, Assessor/Register of Deeds
  • Chris Podany, County Engineer
  • Carol Scott, County Engineer
  • Jolene Vanous, County Attorney
  • Kimberly Weygint, County Engineer

30 Year Employees

  • Gordon Harrod, County Sheriff
  • Gregory Pettibone, County/City Property Management
  • Paul Ragole, Community Mental Health Center
  • Bernell Scheele, County Engineer
  • Keith Tenhulzen, County Engineer

35 Year Employees

  • Wendy Blum, Community Mental Health Center
  • Thomas Gandara, Youth Services Center
  • Ricky Issler, County Engineer
  • Don Killeen, County/City Property Management
  • Eileen Legrande, County Attorney
  • Kirk Price, County Sheriff
  • Larry Schmidt, County Engineer
  • Craig Schnieder, County Sheriff
  • Carl Siefert, County Engineer
  • Linda Tesarek, County Sheriff
  • Liz Thanel, Budget & Fiscal Office

40 Year Employees

  • Bob Jacobs, County Engineer
  • William Woodruff, County Sheriff

50 Year Employees

  • Keith Hardesty, County Engineer
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