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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: September 7, 2011

For more information contact
Gwen Thorpe at 402-441-7447

Lancaster County Board of Commissioners Urges
Observervation of a Moment of Remembrance
on September 11, 2011,
the 10th Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, a day that changed America forever. To commemorate this occasion and pay tribute to those whose lives were lost, Senator Frank Lautenberg (New Jersey) introduced Senate Resolution 237, establishing a national Moment of Remembrance at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on September 11, 2011. This resolution was unanimously passed with co-sponsorship of all 100 United States Senators.

During the Moment of Remembrance, every person across the country is called upon to stop and remember those we lost in the September 11th attacks. The Moment of Remembrance will take place for one full minute at 12:00 noon in Lincoln and Lancaster County on September 11th, 2011.

Recognizing that September 11th will never be just another day in the hearts and minds of the American people, the Board of Commissioners encourages Lincoln and Lancaster County citizens to participate in the Moment of Remembrance. The Board calls upon churches in Lancaster County to ring their bells during that minute. The bells will be a signal for each of us to stop and remember the people we lost, those who responded immediately and heroically to the tragic events, and demonstrate the perseverance the American people have shown since that fateful day.

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