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News Release

County Treasurer
Date: April 12, 2011

For more information contact
Andy Stebbing, County Treasurer at 402-441-7425

County Treasurer Changing Vehicle Registration Renewal Notices

County Treasurer Andy Stebbing plans to increase the confidentiality of registration renewal notices to vehicle owners in Lancaster County as soon as July of 2011. The current postcard notices will be replaced by statements mailed in sealed envelopes with a return envelope included for added convenience.

The intent of this change is to provide vehicle owners with increased privacy of renewal information, to install a new bar code system, to increase renewals by mail, and to add additional information such as special messages, where to renew in person and online renewal options at

An average of 20,000 renewal notices are mailed out each month in Lancaster County, with 2000 renewals completed by mail, and 2000 online.

The new system will increase the postage by a dime; however we are hoping we will see a savings through increased mail renewals, fewer crowds at the facility, and lost post cards.

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