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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: February 3, 2011

For more information contact
Gwen Thorpe at 402-441-7447

Lancaster County Board of Commissioners Announce the
February 15, 2011 Tuesday Meeting to be Held at 5:00 pm and to Include a
Public Hearing Regarding Lancaster Manor Sale Proceeds

The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners will hold a Public Hearing at 5:00 PM February 15, 2011, for the purpose of receiving public comment regarding the use of the proceeds from the sale of Lancaster Manor. Proceeds from the sale equal approximately $2.6 million. The Public Hearing will be held as part of the Board=s regular agenda. The meeting will begin at 5:00 PM and will be held in the County Board/City Council Chamber, Room 112, located at 555 S. 10 Street in Lincoln.

A committee established by the Board to provide a recommendation on how to best utilize these proceeds presented their report to the Board on January 13, 2011. Prior to making a decision regarding the use of these funds the Board is holding this public hearing to receive public comment.

If you would like to read Attachment A of the committee report please contact our office at 441-7447.

Report And Recommendation
Lancaster Manor Proceeds Committee
January 13, 2011


  • Kathy Campbell
  • John Dittman
  • Ron Ecklund
  • Jan Gauger
  • Richard Herink
  • Ron Krejci
  • John McHenry
  • Linda Robinson Rutz
  • Dale Young
  • Dennis Meyer, Lancaster County Budget and Fiscal Officer (ex officio)
  • Kerry Eagan, Chief Administrative Officer to the Lancaster County Board (ex officio)

FACILITATOR: Kerry Eagan, Chief Administrative Officer


The Lancaster Manor Proceeds Committee (Committee) was established by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners to provide a recommendation to the County Board on how to best utilize the proceeds from the sale of Lancaster Manor. Committee members were appointed by individual County Commissioners. The County Board Chair appointed one member, and the other four Commissioners each appointed two members. Committee members were selected on the basis of their knowledge of local government, financial expertise with regard to human services, and strong commitment to the Lincoln-Lancaster County community. As of November 17, 2010 the total proceeds from the Manor sale equaled $2,656,277.23. The proceeds are being held in the County=s Lancaster Manor Fund.

Kerry Eagan was appointed by the Committee to facilitate the meetings. The Committee met twice. The following documents were presented to the Committee:

  • Correspondence from the Lincoln Independent Business Association Board of Directors, dated November 23, 2010;
  • Creating the Healthiest Community in the Nation, Recommendations from the Mayor=s Task Force on Lincoln General Sale Proceeds (June 1998); and
  • A copy of Neb. Rev. Stat. '23-104.03 (Reissue 2007), Power to Provide Protective Services.

See Attachment A for a copy of these documents.


After a careful review of the materials presented and a thorough discussion of the question of how best to utilize the proceeds from the sale of Lancaster Manor, the strong consensus of the Committee was that the County should use the proceeds to address the unmet needs of the low income elderly population in Lancaster County. The Committee noted Lancaster Manor was originally established to help reduce the shortage of Medicaid nursing home beds in the County. Since the Manor was constructed with funding targeted specifically for the County=s low income elderly population, proceeds from the sale of the facility should continue to be used for this purpose.

In coming to this conclusion the Committee was mindful of the effect of the poor economy on the County=s present financial situation. However, placing the proceeds in the County=s reserves would not sufficiently protect them from being used in the future for the normal operational needs of the County. Instead, the Committee believes the proceeds should be insulated from these pressures by placing them in an endowment for the benefit of the low income elderly of Lancaster County.


Based on the foregoing analysis, the Lancaster Manor Proceeds Committee hereby tenders the following recommendation to the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners for the use of the proceeds from the sale of Lancaster Manor:

Lancaster County should issue a request for proposals (RFP) seeking bids from nonprofit organizations and governmental entities for management of the Lancaster Manor Proceeds Endowment Fund. The RFP shall specify the principal Fund shall be generally preserved and the earnings from the Fund shall be used to contract for services addressing the unmet needs of low income elderly residents of Lancaster County.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Lancaster Manor Proceeds Committee this13th day of January 13, 2011.

Kerry P. Eagan
Chief Administrative Officer

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