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News Release

Lancaster County Weed Control Authority
Date: January 19, 2011

For more information contact
Brent Meyer, Superintendent at 402-441-7817

Lancaster County Supports Nebraska Department of Agriculture in Declaring Knotweed Noxious

Brent Meyer, Superintendent, Lancaster County Weed Control Authority, announces that the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners, acting as the County Weed Control Authority, approved his recommendation to support the Nebraska Department of Agriculture in its efforts to make Japanese Knotweed and all its hybrids and cultivars noxious in Nebraska.

Meyer reported to the Board that Japanese Knotweed, Giant Knotweed, and their hybrid Bohemian Knotweed are considered some of the worst in the world. Japanese Knotweed has been identified in 6 locations in Lancaster County and has the potential to invade all riparian areas as well as upland areas that receive over 20 inches of rainfall annually. Some of its cultivars are currently being sold as ornamentals, Meyer added.

The Nebraska Weed Control Association worked with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to make a weed risk potential assessment of Japanese Knotweed. This is a joint effort at early detection and rapid response to catch potential new invaders and stop them before they take root in Nebraska.

Meyer noted that at this time knotweeds have been identified in only 4 Nebraska counties, making this the time to stop its spread.

Photo: Brent Meyer, Lancaster County Weed Superintendent standing in a patch of Bohemian Knotweed.

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