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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: December 8, 2010

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Gwen Thorpe at 402-441-7447

Commissionerís Award of Excellence
November, 2010

Jeran Smith has been selected as the Commissionerís Award of Excellence winner for November 2010. Jeran is a Correctional Officer and began working for the County on July 12, 2004, in the Corrections Department. He was nominated by Sgt. Don Murray and Lt. Barry Heinbigner in the category of Productivity.

Jeran was tasked with managing the Corrections Departmentís outside county housing program during the absence of the Transport Sergeant, who usually performs this function. The Corrections Department has been housing inmates in Platte, Butler, Saunders, Saline, and occasionally York counties as a result of overcrowding.

As many as 125 inmates have been housed out of county at one time. Managing this population is a sometimes stressful and always time consuming task. It requires that Jeran identify inmates who meet certain criteria for outside housing, maintain a list of those who are eligible, review the status of those already housed outside for coming court dates. This process requires continuous coordination with numerous entities, including the five counties in which the inmates are being lodged, the Probation Department, County and District courts, Corrections Medical department, Corrections Programs Department and often times the inmatesí attorneys.

These duties are in addition to his regular duties as a transport officer, which involves transporting inmates of all risk levels to court, medical appointments, State corrections, other counties, and other destinations as required. Jeran not only executes the inmate transports assigned to him in a highly professional manner, he also pitches in and helps his co-workers with their duties. When his time is not occupied with transport duties, he can be found helping other officers with shift operations or assisting in the Booking area. He steps up to the plate and meets these challenges without a single complaint. He is also a pleasure to work with, and his positive attitude and sense of humor are known throughout the department.

For these reasons, we are pleased to award Jeran Smith with the Commissionersí Award of Excellence for the month of November 2010

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