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Information on Appointment of a New County Board Member

Per Nebraska Revised Statutes 32-567 (3) and 32-574 , when a county board member is unable to complete his or her term, the county attorney, county clerk and county treasurer must appoint a successor within 45 days of a vacancy becoming effective.

This group, currently comprised of County Attorney Pat Condon, County Clerk Dan Nolte and County Treasurer Rachel Garver, will be meeting to establish procedures regarding the filling of the vacancy resulting from the recent resignation of the county commissioner who represented District #2 .

Press Release - June 5, 2019
Press Release - May 20, 2019

NOTE: All meetings are open to the public.

Month Agenda   Minutes  
May 20 31 20 31
June 7 10 14 18 7 10 14 18

June 18, 2019 Meeting Video
June 14, 2019 Meeting Video
June 10, 2019 Meeting Video
June 7, 2019 Meeting Video
May 31, 2019 Meeting Video


FINALISTS: Jim Ballard, Shane Jensen, Cristy Joy, Tami Soper and Christa Yoakum

Jim Ballard
David Boeckner
James Herrold
Shane Jensen
Cristy Joy
Gregory Osborn
Larry Scherer
Tami Soper
Brodey Weber
Michael Wilson
Christa Yoakum

For more information, contact County Clerk Dan Nolte at 402-441-7484 or