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Medical And Mental Health Services

Medical Services

The Youth Services Center contracts with a private medical services vendor to provide residents with medical and dental services. This vendor provides residents with access to on-site medical personnel. Medical personnel attempt to meet with each resident shortly after intake to complete a self-reported medical screening. Medical personnel coordinate continuity of care with residents' personal physicians when possible. Parents and/or legal guardians are encouraged to contact medical personnel with concerns relating to resident health and welfare.

Mental Health Services

In the spring of 1996, the Lancaster County Youth Services Center identified an increase in the number of mental health concerns presented by youth in the facility, as well as an increase in the length of stay for some youth. The Child Guidance Center, currently provides transitional counseling and crisis intervention for youth in the facility. The philosophy behind these services is the early provision of transitional and assessment services to prevent a crisis rather than to respond after a crisis has occurred.

The following are descriptions of some of the mental health services offered:

  • Transitional counseling: services that focus on assisting youth in enhancing their coping and problem solving skills, anger management, and stress de-escalation.
  • Suicide Assessments/Re-Assessments: referred youth will be assessed by a mental health practitioner as to risk of self- harming behaviors and/or suicidal ideation. Appropriate precautions are developed, in collaboration with staff, to ensure the safety of the youth.
  • Groups: the Child Guidance Center also provides a variety of group topics as needed at the Detention Center, with an emphasis in Drug/Alcohol Education.
  • Mental health practitioners provide case management services, administrative consultation, coordination of services among various involved parties, training for staff, development of individualized programs for youth, and contact with families. Counselors and staff work together to create an overall milieu of dignity, value, and respect within the Juvenile Detention Center.
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