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Comprehensive Juvenile Justice System Study

The Consultant Project Team would like to acknowledge the assistance and support provided by so many Lancaster County officials and staff as well as representatives from many other public and private organizations throughout the community. Through the interviews conducted with these persons and the documentary materials they provided, the Project Team was able to gain valuable insight into the nature and operation of juvenile services in Lancaster County.

We also want to thank the members of the Project Steering Committee who met with the Consultants during each on-site work period and who devoted additional time and effort to gathering information for this study.

Lancaster County Comprehensive Juvenile Justice System Study Project Advisory Committee Members

  • Judge Tom Dawson, Juvenile Court Judge
  • Ms. Linda Steinman, County Commissioner
  • Mr. Dennis Banks, Youth Services Center Director
  • Mr. Jim Blue, CEO Cedars Youth Services
  • Ms. Kit Boesch, Human Services Director
  • Mr. Tom Casady, Chief of Police
  • Mr. Dave Kroeker, Budget Director

Finally, we wish to express particular thanks to two project team members, Mr. Dennis Banks, Director of Lancaster County Youth Services Center, and Ms. Michelle Schindler, Deputy Director of Lancaster County Youth Services Center. Their assistance with scheduling and logistics, data collection, and data review efforts represented a significant contribution to this study effort.

Chinn Planning Inc. Columbia, South Carolina

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