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County Noxious Weed Control Program

Noxious Weed

is a legal term used to denote a destructive or harmful weed for the purpose of regulation. These non-native plants aggressively compete with desirable plants and affect man, livestock and wildlife. This not only directly affects landowners, but erodes the tax base for all residents. The business of noxious weed control is everyone's concern and their control is to everyons's benefit. Effective control needs to include controlling the existing infestations and preventing new infestations.

Noxious weeds found in Lancaster County
  • Sericea Lespedeza
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Phragmites
  • Musk Thistle
  • Canada Thistle
  • Plumeless Thistle
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Saltcedar
  • Spotted & Diffuse Knapweed
  • Japanese & Giant Knotweed
  • Common & Cutleaf Teasel
Who is Responsible of Controlling Noxious Weeds?

Nebraska's Noxious Weed Control Act places the responsibility for controlling noxious weeds on the property owner. This includes preventing the spread of noxious weeds or any article (equipment, soil, etc.) contaminated with viable seeds or plant parts.


Inspectors visit properties because of past infestations, a complaint or their observation that there may be noxious weeds present. If there are uncontrolled noxious weeds, the owner is issued a notice requiring control within 10 days. If equipment or soil is contaminated with viable noxious weed seed or plant parts, a quarantine may be issued requiring decontamination, if possible, prior to removal from the property.

Owners that don't perform timely control of noxious weeds are subject to having it done by a contracted commercial weed control service.

Control by a Contracted Weed Control Service

If the 10 day notice is not complied with, the Lancaster County Weed Control Authority may have the work done. The owner will be billed for all costs associated with the forced control. This will include the cost of the contracted work and related clerical and inspection cost. The resulting cost will be significantly greater than if done by the owner or someone the owner hires to do the work.

Special Assessment

Any unpaid bills become a lien on the property and a special assessment levied. These special assessments, plus interest, must be paid before land can be sold.

How to report Noxious Weeds

Any citizen may call the Weed Control Office at (402) 441-7817 to report a location with noxious weeds.