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Andy Stebbing
Lancaster County Treasurer

Tax Delinquency Listing

This listing shows only those properties that have delinquencies as of February. Properties that have delinquent Tax Sale Certificates already for prior years are listed with an "Y" in the tax sales column. The "Tax Owing Column" does not include all penalties and cost on this property.

Although all effort has been made to maintain absolute accuracy for this online listing there may be errors. This listing is mandated by Nebraska State Law to be published in the newspaper of general circulation within the county and that listing be on file in the County Treasurer's Office. This online listing is provided as a courtesy only!


  • Current lists are County sales that may be available for reassignment.
    Please contact the County Treasurer's Office if you are interested in purchasing a tax lien. Phone:(402) 441-7425; e-mail:

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