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Andy Stebbing
Lancaster County Treasurer

Understanding Your Tax Bill

Tax Bill Image

A: Parcel Id: The parcel number identifies the land parcel or personal property account for tax purposes.

B: Taxing District: Represents the political subdivision that receives the tax dollars.

C: Property Address: The physical location of property being represented by this bill.

D: Legal Description: Legal description of property.

E: Address Info: The mailing address is obtained from the Assessor/Register of Deeds Office who receives the information from the Deed. The mailing address may be different than the owner address or the property address.

F: Value/Homestead Credit/State Tax Credit: Assessed Value of the home owner, Homestead Credit approved for the home onwer, State Tax credit determined by home owner's Assessed Value.

G: Quick link:QR Code that will take you directly to the County Treasurer Website.

H: Tax Information - Your taxes help fund:

County: Support of local county government.

Pub Bldg Com: Responsible for buying, building, and maintaining city and county Government buildings.

City or Village: Support local city government.

School District: Support local school districts.

Edu Service Units: Formed for school districts to cooperate in such areas as instructional technology, staff development, media and special education.

Local Fire District: Support of local fire District.

NRD: Established to protect the state’s land and water resources. Local taxes and state and federal funds support such programs as flood control and soil conservation.

RR Transportation Safety District: Formed to improve transportation and safety at railroad-highway crossings.

SE Community College: Taxes support campuses in Lincoln, Milford, and Beatrice.

County Regional Library: Property outside of Lincoln supports the Bookmobile and libraries.

AGR Society: Funds county fair and related operations including Lancaster Event Center.

AGR Joint Public Agency: Joint agency of Lancaster County Board and Ag Society to pay off/or issue bonds for the Lancaster Event Center.

Correctional Facility JPA County: All property in the county is taxed under the County JPA.

Correctional Facility JPA City: Property in Lincoln is taxed under the City JPA. In return the city does not pay any of the jail operating costs.

I: Taxes and Dates: Total Taxes Due and Dates Taxes are Delinquent.

J: Special Messages:Status on your parcel.

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