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Lancaster County Treasurer's Office

Property Information Help

Situs Address Search

Numeric Number Prefix Street Name Type
Exact Address 555 S 10 ST
Block Range 500 S 10 ST
For numeric streets, exclude the st, nd, rd, and th.
Exact Address 1440   Adams ST
Block Range 1400   Adams ST

Name Search

Residential Owner Name
Exact Full Name Public,Joe
Last Name and First InitialPublic,J
Last Name OnlyPublic
Partial Last Name Pub
Company Name City of Lincoln
or Company Name Lincoln, City of
Partial Company Name City of

Parcel ID Search

  Parcel ID
Exact Parcel ID 10-26-225-001-000
Township 10
Section 10-26
Quarter-Section 10-26-2
Quarter-Section Block 10-26-225
Parcel Number 10-26-225-001
Condo/Townhouse Subparcel 10-26-225-001-000
Valid Quarter-
Section Numbers
1 NW 2 NE
3 SW 4 SE

Valid Township Numbers (each township has 36 sections)
01 Olive Branch
02 Highlands
03 Denton
04 Middle Creek
05 Elk
06 West Oak
07 Buda
08 Centerville
09 Yankee Hill
10 Garfield*
11 West Lincoln*
12 Oak
13 Little Salt
14 South Pass
15 Saltillo
16 Grant
17 Lancaster
18 North Bluff
19 Rock Creek
20 Panama
21 Nemaha
22 Stockton
23 Stevens Creek
24 Waverly
25 Mill
* Half Townships (only 18 sections, West Lincoln 1-18, Garfield 19-36)

You can use the County Engineer's National Geodetic Survey to help find your township and section.
Note: These pages will not link to property information.

The public information contained herein is furnished as a public service by the Lancaster County Assessor's Office. All information was collected for the purpose of developing the annual Property Tax Roll as provided for the Chapter 77 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes. The Lancaster County Assessor's Office makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information for any other particular use. Furthermore, the Lancaster County Assessor's Office assumes no liability associated with the use or misuse of said information.

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