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Andy Stebbing
Lancaster County Treasurer

Erika Baehr stopped by the DMV to pick up her Breast Cancer Awareness plates from Andy Stebbing. They do not have a specialty plate fee.
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Since 2011, we have recycled $16,736 worth of old license plates. Thank you for helping us out!

Welcome to the Lancaster County Treasurer's Website.

I am honored to have been elected by the citizens of Lancaster County to serve as your County Treasurer for a second term. Thank you so much. My top priority is customer service. We have worked hard and will continue to do so to make all transactions with our office to be quick and easy. I also promise that we will be diligent in searching for avenues to save money. Since I took office in 2011 we have saved over 4 million dollars. As well, one of our paramount responsibilities is to protect your money. We promise this mission to the end, as we account for every penny of 600 million dollars. My staff works very hard to excel in their job performance with efficiency and integrity and I am honored to work with them.

My management staff includes:

  • Chief Deputy Treasurer, Candace Meredith serving Lancaster County since 2000
  • Motor Vehicles Manager, Don Arp serving local government since 1982
  • Real Estate Manager, Vicki Hansen serving Lancaster County since 2008

Pursuant to Nebraska State Statutes, the County Treasurer collects property taxes to be distributed to schools, fire districts, cities, villages, etc. In conjunction with the State Department of Motor Vehicles we also oversee 300,000 motor vehicle registrations and titles. To serve the people with these responsibilities, our office retains 39 full-time employees and has an operating annual budget of $3.5 million. The majority of our budget is comprised of salaries and benefits.

Please look around our website. We have added many new features to make your interaction with our department easier, less stressful and quicker.

Please feel free to contact Chief Deputy Candace Meredith at If you have a motor vehicle/driver's license question, please contact Don Arp at, or Real Estate Tax questions please contact Vicki Hansen at

Thank you very much,

Andy Stebbing
Lancaster County Treasurer

Renew Vehicle by Phone

Call 402-441-8994 to get your vehicle renewed!

We are pleased to announce the option to renew your vehicle registration by phone.

Please have the following ready when you call:

  • Vehicle information
  • Insurance card
    • Will need to verify information, if new please fax to 402-441-8841
  • Credit Card
    • Service fee of 2.35% will be applied
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