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Andy Stebbing
Lancaster County Treasurer

Wait time success at DMV

Once I took office, I really needed to address the issue of citizens waiting in line for a considerable amount of time to pay the government. It just seemed so wrong and who has time for that, below is what we have accomplished so far to speed up that waiting time at the DMV. We continue to seek more ways to cut your wait time in line.

  1. Implemented EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) capable terminals at all locations to lower service fees. PIN debit transactions are $2.00 and credit card transactions are 2.35% online e- Check transactions were also lowered to $1.00 per transaction.
  2. Hired two On-call employees for our Motor Vehicle Division.
  3. Added a 5th Motor Vehicle Coordinator position.
  4. The drive through at 46th and R St is now open 7 am to 5 pm.
  5. The lobby at 46th and R St is now open 7 am to 4:30 pm.
  6. We have added a drop-off box at 46th and R St, for later pick-up.
  7. We now offer renewal by phone with your credit card.
  8. Sick leave use is down significantly.
  9. Online renewals continue to increase.
  10. Through community education, mail in renewals are increasing by more than double.
  11. Titling and plates issuance are now available at West O Street facility.
  12. Renewals are now being processed at 555. S. 10th Street.
  13. We have better signage to direct people to the correct area within the building.
  14. We have implemented scanners and bar codes.
  15. We keep our website updated and current. We now have most commonly used forms available for print.
  16. Forms and documents readily available at the clerk's windows.
  17. Restructured the organizational chart to add layers to assist with accountability of staff.
  18. Continued education and training for staff to improve processing time.
  19. New standard operating procedures and facility operations manuals to provide guidelines for clerks to better serve citizens.
  20. Started a customer service survey available in the lobby of each facility to address what is important to you.
  21. Made significant improvements to all facilities through remodeling and repair.
  22. Reassessed workload and reassigned employees to help address delays as well as increased cross-training incentives.
  23. Hired on-call workers to help at peak workload times.
  24. Restated our commitment to exceptional public service.
  25. Three additional work windows were added at the DMV locations.
  26. Created the ability to bundle all your motor vehicle registrations into one single month.
  27. Added new sliding doors at the 46th and R St location for easier access to the building.
  28. Drive through is now designated for registration renewal only, speeding up the drive through processing times per vehicle.
  29. In State Motor Vehicle titles can be processed at our downtown office.
  30. LPD auction titles are being processed at the downtown office.
  31. MV refunds are being issued at the West O location.
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