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Lancaster County Sheriff

Sheriff's Office Prepares for 150th Anniversary
April 27, 2010

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office was officially established with the election of October 8th, 1861. 2011 will be the sesquicentennial (150 year anniversary) of the Sheriff’s Office. As part of the commemoration, we will be publishing a history of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Some of the descendants of our Sheriffs and former employees live in the Lincoln, Lancaster County area. We are asking for their help in providing photographs and other memorabilia so that we can include this information in our book. We would also like to display personal memorabilia at the Sheriff’s Office for the sesquicentennial year.

The following is a list of the Sheriffs who have served Lancaster County since 1861:

1861-1862 Louis J. Loder 1908-1911 Henry Hoagland
1863-1864 Josiah Chambers 1912-1917 Gus Hyers
1865 William Pemberton 1918-1919 L. A. Simmons
1865 Joel Mason 1920-1921 Ira Miller
1866-1867 R. M. Pursell 1922-1938 Claude P. Hensel
1868-1869 J. H. Hawk 1938-1940 James Davis
1870-1877 Samuel McClay 1940-1941 E. Cecil Ward
1878-1879 J. S. Hoagland 1942-1950 Myles Holloway
1880-1883 Granville Ensign 1951-1979 Merle C. Karnopp
1884-1889 Samuel M Melick 1980-1987 Dale A. Adams
1890-1893 Samuel McClay 1988-1991 Ron H. Tussing
1894-1895 Fred Miller 1991-1994 Thomas K. Casady
1896-1899 John Trompen 1994 John D. Packett
1900-1903 Z. S. Branson 1994 Samuel Van Pelt
1904- 1907 Nicholas Ress 1994-Present Terry T. Wagner

Anyone who can provide us with information should contact Captain Gary Juilfs at the Sheriff’s Office at 575 S. 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, by phone at 402-441-6500 or email at

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