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Media Release
Lancaster County Sheriff

Firearms Training Simulator
March 1, 2010

After careful evaluation of available simulators on the market, the Sheriff’s Office decided to purchase Ti Training Corps., Training Lab. Go to their site and click on the Training Lab. Dan and Cara Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy) funded the project through their charity, the Git R Done Foundation, at a cost of $40,000. The cost of the system varies, depending on the options included.

As you can see from the product description at Ti Training's website. this is a highly sophisticated training tool that simulates real life situations:

  • Low Light conditions,
  • Use of less than lethal options (OC spray, TASER),
  • Slow motion play back,
  • Shot placement and any number of scenarios.

The scenarios’ ending can be changed by the operator to require deputies to employ either verbal commands, less lethal options or lethal force, or combinations of the three. The unit is preloaded with 200 scenarios, and other scenarios can be filmed locally to provide familiar terrain for the deputies.

This is a very simplistic description of a very technologically complex system. This system helps deputies improve the split second decisions they have to make on a daily basis. It is certainly better to make a wrong decision during training than when involved in a life threatening encounter. This system will help deputies serve citizens better by making the proper decision, thereby helping deputies and citizens to be safer.

County Sheriff