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Public Building Commission
Current Artist

Full Circle to the Golden Mean - Deon Bahr's Art Enlivens the County-City's First Floor Exhibition Gallery

Deon Bahr's exhibition, I MEAN IT! - a combination of colorful paintings and amazing sculptures - is currently on display within the newly established County-City Building's first floor gallery. Interestingly enough, Bahr, of Bahr Vermeer & Haecker Architects was the Project Architect for the County-City Building, dedicated in 1997. Seventeen years later, Deon installed his artwork in the County-City exhibition space thus coming full circle -- from Architect to Artist.

After 42 years as an Architect (35 years as co-founder of Bahr Vermeer & Haecker, Architects), a career as an artist became Deon's new passion. As a result, he took graduate classes at UNL and constructed an over-the-garage studio which gave him all the tools necessary to proceed. Now his studio is overflowing with projects and ideas to last a lifetime. "My process starts by poring over vast information about the Golden Mean and the incredible relationships associated with this Number. Eventually an idea emerges to influence a painting or sculpture. Using drawing tools related to architecture, a sketch or maquette guides the start. As with all art, modifications and surprises inform the final outcome. I prefer backgrounds of canvas and wood panels and am currently into hardedge strips and primary colors within a limited palette."

Deon's ambition to paint/sculpt is fueled by a creative urge that remains after a successful career in the design profession. As an architect turned artist, he has had an attraction to pure shapes; in Deon's words, "perhaps it is an obsession." His work tends to be minimalist, often leaning toward hardedge images.

Often I'm drawn to the number Phi (the golden ratio) and all its influences through out the ages. Phi (1.618...) is the only number or thing that is found in nature, music, art, architecture, human bone growth, hurricanes, galaxies, and credit cards. My paintings often explore ideas that identify and illustrate the nature of this amazing number.

Deon's use of a variety of mediums and simple shapes is fascinating. His March - May, 2014, County-City exhibition includes past work as well as new directions that have engaged his attention and are certain to engage the viewer as well.

Deon Bahr's Art
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