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Public Building Commission
Current Artist

County-City First Floor Exhibition Gallery
555 South 10th Street, Lincoln, NE
Gallery Hours - 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

Artist Statement
by Martha Miller

Martha is drawn to the expression of emotion with bold color. Her work represents a personal reaction to current national and world events. She also gravitates toward portraiture, Nebraska landscapes, and historic photography. Some of her portraits express the lost beauty of victims at the hands of terrorists. Martha's colorful Czech - Irish heritage, plus local music, act as inspiration and continues to play a part in her development as an artist.

Artist Statement
by Lora Rocke

I am a storyteller.

I love the intrigue of ordinary faces.

Reminiscent of family albums, my intensely stitched portraits are a collection of images, portraying people in familiar poses. Often, they are my family, a part of my history.

The process starts with a line. Working from my memories, and photographs, I urge their personalities into drawings, which provide the visual "tale", and the basis for creating the appliques and stitching of the work.

Through my fabric choices, I eek out their personalities, and create a sense of time and place. Using thread as my "pen" and "paintbrush", I create the details of each face and figure, exploring volume and texture, giving each work depth and dimension.

To that final stitch, I hope to reveal the personality of each of my subjects.

These are portraits of everyday people, sharing everyday experiences …all, now set and ready for the storytelling. Every piece; intricately sewn, intensely stitched and saturated with color.

A Particular Point of View

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