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Public Building Commission
Current Artist

County-City First Floor Exhibition Gallery
555 South 10th Street, Lincoln, NE
Gallery Hours - 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

Artist Statement
by Potter

Through the hand-built porcelain sculpture I take the viewer on a journey into nature, animals, and life. With me the viewer journeys to the fifth dimension of art, to the next dimension of creativity, to the next level of perfection in the hand-built porcelain process. I believe the fifth dimension of art is inward, underneath the outside layer. I believe we will not advance as humans until we look beneath the outside layer of everything, human, plant, and animal to the very essence of its existence. This journey is like trying to capture kinetic energy.

My goal is to lessen the amount of natural resources and by keeping my art smaller in size, and use less toxic materials during the firing processes.

Artist Statement
by Helen Buck Donlan

My work has been evolving from the time I could hold a pencil in my hand. I consider myself a student of art and can't imagine a time when I won't still be a student, of art and of nature. My work has almost always focused on the natural world and its inhabitants.

My paintings reflect the varied ways in which I appreciate being inspired by nature and celebrating the world I see around me in the places I love to be. Sometimes I am trying to capture a particular atmosphere of a place, sometimes the contrasts I see, and sometimes the emotions a particular place or scene evokes.

Occasionally I may challenge myself to create or illustrate a scene using a limited color palette. At times I set out to simply "play" with a painting, experimenting with color, contrast, light and perspective in order to achieve a particular atmospheric effect. A main consideration is that I learn how to keep it simple and basic.

Most of my adult life was spent working full-time and raising children, with little time to devote to my art. There were times when I embarked on commercial art projects, hoping to be able to combine my love of art and my need to earn a living. It's only been since my retirement from my "day job" that I've had the time and energy to devote to doing what I love to do almost daily.

Local artists who have certainly inspired my own work have been Anne Burkholder and Keith Jacobshagen to name two. I would hope that someday my audience, when viewing my work, would experience what I feel when I am viewing the work of these two extraordinary artists.

Julia Noyes was also a great influence in learning how to present and market my paintings, as well as understanding the workings of a local art gallery and dealing with the public.

My hope is that others will find my work as pleasing to view as I find it to simply and as spontaneously as possible, recreate the natural wonder and beauty that we are surrounded with when we get back into and experience nature. Someone once told me that my paintings "make people feel good." I think I couldn't ask for a better reaction to my work than that.

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