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Public Building Commission
Current Artist

County-City First Floor Exhibition Gallery
555 South 10th Street, Lincoln, NE
Gallery Hours - 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

Artist Statement
by David Alles


sensation: a feeling of excited emotions
To be sensationalized: an experience, a moment in time that touches our soul and delights our senses.

Like the fragrance of a flower, being overwhelmed with vibrant color, the thrill of the discovery, a moment that takes one off-center, the perfect shot on the last hole, the best run of the day, comfort in a dance, the breath of a kitten, excitement of a child at play, the sweetness of a treat; our experiences in life are limitless sensations.

The works on display are creations from an automatic process, the result of chance in combination of the subconscious. An expressive, gestural action resulting in a one line, three-second sketch. Some sketches are fun and unique and work well to be interpreted; developed into a composition on canvas with heavy amounts of oil paint that convey ideas, or a contour resembling something familiar.

David Alles is a Nebraska native, and a third generation artist. He hails from an artistic family with roots throughout the state. Born and raised in North Platte, he earned a B.F.A. degree from Nebraska Wesleyan in 1996. He settled in Lincoln with family and is now raising his own family. A notable aspect of Nebraska is the extreme diversity in everything; extreme weather, extreme landscapes, extreme differences in opinions and even extreme territorial history - an extraordinary place to be inspired.

Alles is prolific in a wide range of mediums, has always maintained a high production studio and gallery space, has participated in regional and local art festivals, gallery exhibitions, multiple public art projects, public and private commission projects, charitable donations and more.


Enjoy Sensations.


Kick Flip



Child and Ball


Wine Rack

American Ghost


Broken Heel
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