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History of the Presbyterian Church

Sunday, August 20, 1883, the Panama Precinct Church was organized and took place in the old Methodist Church near the southeast corner of Panama Cemetery. It was established by the Reverent Orville Compton, fourteen charter members a missionary named Reverend George T. Cressman.

The Church was renamed to the Panama Presbyterian Church in 1888, when the town of Panama was organized. In 1890 they moved from the old Methodist Church building, which was to old to use, to the United Brethern Church building. Then in 1898 the new church building was made. It was a large white building with a bell tower. The property was deeded to the church on August 11, 1899 when the one dollar payment was made to Henry and Alice Johnson.

Since that time the building has changed in appearance on the outside and the inside. The basement has been added, the upstairs inlarged, and changes in the bell tower have been made. Ironicly, how or when the bell was placed in the tower is still unknown.

Panama Presbyterian Church
Pastor Darin Bentzinger
203 Pine St
Service - 9:30 a.m. Sunday
Sunday School - 10:30 a.m.

*If you have a question on groups, times, or just want information, please call 788-2847

Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church
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