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Midtown Center

The Midtown Center

2966 O Street, Lincoln NE 68510

Midtown Center Midtown Center

...a place to grow

The Midtown Center is the Day Rehabilitation program for persons challenged by the symptoms of a severe mental illness. The basic premise of the Midtown Center is that work is important for everyone. People with mental illnesses are like anyone else, they need a chance to live up to their potential, to make a contribution, to feel needed. Structured work related rehabilitative services are provided to consumers who are motivated to improve their level of functioning.

Work, paid or non-paid, provides an essential function in every person's life. Work creates a structure and meaning for daily involvement and is a normalizing and meaningful process. The expectation of membership and/or commitment to a job helps enhance a consumer's ability to function in the community and helps to decrease the frequency and duration of hospitalization.

The consumer oriented Recovery Model believes that personal relationships are vital for persons served. In addition every consumer deserves the right to identify opportunities and establish goals to help them reach their full potential and integration into their community. This program offers the opportunity for a consumer to participate as a volunteer in all work aspects of the program and scheduled social activities.

Consumers associated with the Midtown Center are offered the following rights:

  • to have meaningful work.
  • to belong to a community .
  • to feel needed.
  • to be productive.
  • to develop leadership skills.
  • to make mistakes as a natural part of the learning process.
  • to be accepted.
  • to have social as well as work activities.