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24 Hour Emergency Service

24 Hour Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Program maintains a 24-hour ongoing crisis line. Day services are provided by three full-time staff. Evening/weekend/holiday coverage is provided by responsive on-call staff. Although the catchment area for the CMHCLC is Lancaster County, the crisis line often receives calls from persons in other counties and states. Face-to-face contact with an Emergency Services Worker (ESW) is available on a walk-in basis during office hours and by arrangement after hours.

  • Services include:
    • crisis intervention
    • information and referral services
    • pre-treatment assessments (PTAs)
    • consultations with other community agencies
    • short-term, solution-focused therapy

Initial consultations with CMHCLC outpatient program staff are typically coordinated by the ESW on duty. Outreach services are provided as requested by and coordinated with other community agencies. Emergency Services staff can provide educational presentations to groups and agencies.

The Crisis Line and/or other Emergency Services components can be reached through the main agency phone number (441-7940).