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Independent Living Program

Independent Living Project

The Independent Living Program provides a community based residential setting in which individuals can learn and practice independent living skills. The CMHC-LC offers their clients six apartments in Lincoln's near south area for adult men and women preparing to live independently.


Provide a setting in which individuals can develop the skills needed for independent living. Assist residents in accomplishing individual goals specific to their needs in skill building and peer relationships. Facilitate development of community based recreational activities and support network. Guide residents in determining the optimal level of independence upon discharge.

  • Individual and Group Skill Building -Goals are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the resident. Skill building may include money management, menu planning, cooking, peer relations, household cleaning, laundry, use of transportation, use of leisure time, medication self management and consumerism. These sessions may occur individually or in groups.
  • Social/Recreational Activities - Residents plan and attend group recreational activities. Instruction is provided to enhance social skills and structuring leisure time. Attendance at CMHC-LC evening/weekend social activities is encouraged.
  • Extended ILP - An optional service offered to ILP residents transitioning into their own apartment. Staff provide continued support and skill building in the individuals new home. The level of involvement is determined by previous residents need and preference. Extended ILP participants retain the opportunity to participate in social functions, cooking class and the all program house meeting.
  • Staff Involvement - Staff interact with residents a minimum of twice per week to provide skill building, education, problem solving, guidance and support. They also work with each residents case manager to facilitate coordination of services and treatment planning.
Admission Criteria
  • Adult CMHC-LC clients who have an assigned case manager and are active in treatment.
  • Individuals must have the financial resources to cover program costs.
  • Individuals who need to learn or regain skills in independent living and/or need a supportive setting in which to practice skills and gain confidence.
  • Individuals with a goal of independent living or movement to a less restrictive environment.
  • Ability to supervise own medication.
  • Individuals whose symptomology is sufficiently controlled to focus on ILP goals and reside with limited supervision.

Admission to ILP is initiated by a referral made by a CMHC-LC case manager. Interested individuals are urged to contact their case manager to discuss possible referral. ILP staff are available to answer any questions.