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While Malcolm, Nebraska does not contain any large medical facilities, the community has devised ways to maintain a medical presence which can quickly become active in case of an emergency. Malcolm has approximately 15 trained Emergency Medical Technicians within city limits. Several of these workers are also members of the Malcolm Volunteer Fire Department which is usually a first responder to local emergencies.

Should the assistance of a professional medical facility become necessary, Malcolm residents generally travel to Lincoln which is just 12 miles south of the village. Lincoln contains a variety of medical services. Facilities present in Lincoln, Nebraska include several hospitals. Among these are St. Elizabeth Community Health Center, BryanLGH Health Center (An East and West facility), as well as a Veterans hospital known as the Veterans Administration Medical Center and a rehabilitation facilty commonly called Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. The general care and veterans care hospitals provide assistance to patients by using facilities such as helicopter transportation, Intensive Care wards, gynecology, pediatrics, pathology, and radiology. These services form a medical care system which adequately serves Lincoln, Malcolm, and surrounding communities.

Seward, located 12 miles west of Malcolm, also offers medical service in the form of Seward Memorial Hospital.

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